We will soon be starting group lessons now his focus is much better. The sessions have provided me with the skills and tools necessary to develop everything from basic obedience, progressing towards more specific gundog activities such as retrieving. We will continue training with Acer!”, “Myself and Koda have been attending the puppy classes for the past 4 weeks. We can absolutely see the impact the classes are having on Jet, he has learnt so much in a relatively short space of time. We are delighted that Jet has now progressed into the Beginner Gundog Class and can’t wait to see his development. Both me and my husband David are thoroughly enjoying the gun dog classes with Mark and Tori, we both have so much to learn! More... After 7 months of training with Acer, Lucy Labrador is completely unrecognisable (for the better of course) and I couldn't be happier! I have been around gun dogs and seen them trained in various ways throughout my life so really wanted to get a feel for it from another IMDT member. . Myself and my ‘untrainable’ now 11 week old Gordon Setter Angus arrived in a wide open field full of apprehension that we were going to be totally out of our depth (I say we, but it was all me Angus was so excited) and were greeted by Russ and Mark. Mel shows us how to work the dogs mentally, giving us tips to continue our training at home during the week. A big thank you to Mark for all his help with training Harley and the advice. Definitely recommend him to anyone wishing to further their training.”, “Mark’s classes are excellent, based on positive reinforcement and very sociable (for both dogs and owners). Each week we learn new exercises which gives us material to practice and keep Harvey enriched for the week ahead. Mel’s classes are always fun and varied are an excellent way to socialise our dog. Providing as much detail about your request as possible encourages the right, quality pros to contact you quickly about your requirements. There are few places that have such a good understanding of each individual breed and can tailor it accordingly.”, “I stumbled upon Acer through Facebook and immediately started following as I love my gundogs and hoped one day I would be able to train with Mark. In just four sessions bolt is a much more well mannered dog. Just wish I’d joined Acer when Freddie was starting out. Although Hunter is just a pet, and not going to be a working dog, these classes work to his natural strengths and are really fantastic! All the trainers are very knowledgeable and very accommodating to any situation to make sure you get the most out of the classes. These lessons have also allowed me to talk to other spaniel owners about the day to day spaniel related issues and experiences we all encounter at some point or another. “Wonderful trainers, we have had a great time learning how to teach our puppy focus, steadiness and obedience. We can thoroughly recommend Mark and Acer Gun Dog Training! Russ has been helping me train my Springer for several months now and the progress she has made at the Hertford training venue is incredible. )”, “I decided to look for a training class that would step up training for my goldie Freddie as our local class though it had some good methods was lacking something that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. We finished off the home visit with a mini training session in the garden putting Leo (and his handler) through their paces and going through what sort of exercises to expect at Puppy Gun Dog training. And I was correct!After a prompt response to my enquiry, Mark and I had a one-to-one initial session where he listened carefully to my concerns and needs, and after which he sent me a comprehensive summary of our meeting with a clear structured plan. If you are thinking of working your dog or just want a well behaved family pet I highly recommend Acer.”. They are knowledgeable, friendly and there is great support in and outside of class and I now wish I had had this experience years ago when I started training my other dog for the field!”, “We are thoroughly enjoying the training sessions immensely. Now she is 8 months old we are greatly benefiting from the foundations we have established through the classes and can see she is developing into a well-rounded and responsive dog as a result. The training experience has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to attending each week. me so much knowledge about training my dog, as well as encouragement and tips on advancing her to the next level. It is a very challenging environment as she has a very high prey drive and there are lots of exciting scents and activity. The classes are relaxed and fun and you come away with lots of knowledge and things to practise for the following week. Very positive and fun training and keeps us on our toes and progressing. I was recommended to Acer through a friend that used it. He is our first dog so I needed help with training and Acer were recommended by a friend. I knew the basics, but I have learnt a huge amount more already. It is worth the 45 minute journey each way! The spaniel classes which Acer have been running over the past 6 or so months have really helped my dog to excel and allowed me to learn from a dedicated trainer who really understands a spaniels view of the world. We’ve been attending classes around 3 months, met lots of lovely people and made friends. Mark was very helpful and patient when we had a couple of 1 to 1 sessions with him before joining his Wednesday puppy class. In just three sessions, completely awesome as my son would say. I can’t recommend Acer Gundogs enough. Nia (GSP) and I have been coming since Nia was a puppy at 12 weeks. Enjoyable too.”, “Hector and I are both really enjoying puppy class and appreciate Mark’s calm and sensible approach… And we are learning loads! Russ has taught me not to run before I can walk. I contacted Mark to have a few one to one sessions particularly focusing on recall to the whistle but also loose lead walking. Much against my better judgement! g more out of gun dog training than your usual dog training classes, so much so that many have been attending Acer for over a year! At Acer, I discovered just that. You have given me the tools to enhance my relationship with Poppy. Both Leo and I enjoy taking away the exercises to perform the following week and we try and fit them in to our daily routine. I only wish Acer gundog training had been around when I had my older dog ! With Mark’s help we are coming through the dark side and getting real focus back on us and not on each other. Registered Office: 3 Forbury Place, Forbury Road, … Mark is a strong advocate of positive reinforcement, something that is surprising rare in the Gundog world. As soon as I found Mark’s website I new that this was exactly what Gunner needed. Really looking forward to the upcoming classes .”, “We did a lot of research when looking at where and how to train our puppy Walter and despite not ‘working’ him we’re so glad we chose to train with Acer Gundog Training. She has improved with her steadiness, recall, retrieving and much more, especially her heel work!!! Eden is 5 months old and can heal off the lead. However what ever she does we know that she will be disciplined and well behaved thanks to Mark’s help and encouragement. He has really made massive improvements in a short space of time and I can not praise Acer Dog Training enough. Bolt is a two year old lab. He sends a great new starter email providing information on what to bring and expect? He fills me full of confidence that I’m doing everything right for Koda. For puppies and all dogs new to Gundog Training, this course will help your dog learn all the skills needed to pass the Grade 1 Field Test with The Gundog Club yes this seems expensive (£125) BUT it was the best money I have spent. I got the usual comments from the shooting fraternity such as ‘you’ll never train that dog’ and ‘labs are born half trained, spaniels etc’. Only positive training methods are used, which is something that is important to us. The classes are enjoyable, informative and Arro learns so much, all whilst having fun! Without Mark’s calm, patient and positive training methods, Isla would not be the dog that she is today.”, “Having kept two puppies (Hattie and Lewis) from our latest Golden Retriever litter, I knew that we needed specialist help with training, in particular in getting them to focus on us and not each other. Mark is great working with each breeds unique characteristics and outdoors in a real life setting. The course is a combination of weekly classes which are excellent but the real added value is the video course which helps to remember the tricks you may have forgotten, and also means if you miss a week its easy to catch up. More... We started classes with Acer when Archie was 6 months old, planning to do one or two blocks of classes in order to get some training for a very active pup - 18 months later & we are still coming to classes! We have learnt so much and now we have an amazing well behaved family member.”, “I found Acer Gundog Training via Facebook, and after checking out their website, thought they looked right to hopefully help me with my 3 year-old golden retriever, Alfie, who needed some ‘reminders’ about his recall training! I finally feel we’re going in the right direction and are able to give Winston the training he needs to really thrive and us the family dog we hoped for. We have various training facilities in Cambridge and Hertfordshire. the Puppy Gundog Class when Fia was 13 weeks old, after 6 weeks we were promoted up to the Beginner Gundog Class. More... Training is great fun and also well-planned so that there is gradual and successful skills development for both the dogs and their handlers. So whether you just want to enjoy training your dog, want to work him on shoots or move into field trails you know you’ll be prepared! His impulse control and ability to be calm has improved beyond belief.  Thank you, Mark!”, “We have been bringing Billy our GSP to Gundog Puppy Classes since he was 10 weeks old, after having our at home visit from Russ. Thank you Mel for all your work with us both! At times the focus of the lesson can seem really tough but Mark steers you though it really well and before you know it you are doing it. I never in my wildest dreams expected Bolt to be a well mannered and following all these commands . I have now started to use some of the training methods on my older dogs – it is certainly never too late to teach an old dog new tricks or indeed the owners! We try and practice as much as possible with her so that each week hopefully Mark sees an improvement in us both. It also gives them the space they need to learn without distractions close by. Mark was great, he explained everything clearly and we learnt loads. Emma’s classes focus on training me and harnessing his natural abilities to bring out the best in him. I enrolled on the puppy class with my 12 week old golden retriever pup Tiggy and can thoroughly recommend it. Russ is brilliant! It goes without saying that the socialisation we get from groups of other dogs of different abilities and sizes have helped create a ‘well rounded’ dog. Classes are fun, well structured, trainers are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Having a few clear objectives to focus and practice on each week has made training fun again. I can’t recommend these guys strongly enough- we make an 80 mile round trip for these classes on a weekend morning, and they have been brilliant! There is a real sense of fun, community and wanting everyone to succeed. We worked at distance at first and progressed to much closer work with other dogs. The classes have helped with his general obedience and he now walks to heal (except when dummies are flying) he even likes the other dogs. A daily 20 minute session practising our newly-learnt skills at home has resulted in a calmer, more settled dog (and owner!). Read 3 reviews, get contact details, photos, opening times and map directions. Mark's instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow. He makes training fun for dogs and handlers alike, and is able to keep classes challenging for everyone without taking anybody out of their depth. and thanks to Acer I have the tools to correct any behaviour I don’t want. I highly recommend Mark and all at Acer Gundog Training. Excellent puppy training from Mark.He really gives an insight into what Rosie will respond to.Good fun too! We joined the beginner class and was pleased to see it was a reasonably small class of 6, and even more pleased that it seemed that the other dogs were all different levels of ability so we fitted right in with our full of life pup! Coming to class is a pleasure both for her and me. s. After the first five minutes it was clear that Basil had the bug and it only took another five minutes for me to follow. There is no use of force to make your dog behave but by the dog being focussed on you with positive reward and recognition. Acer Gundog Training was recommended by a friend and we contacted them as Bill could be very well behaved but tended to turn deaf (!) All our tutorials use modern, scientifically proven methods that are based on reward and not punishment. Mark is a great trainer and makes everything fun. Mark is great at making everyone feel relaxed and has a nice, calm, clear way of teaching. I am gradually learning how to train her and keep her stimulated, so that she doesn’t constantly make her own entertainment (ie. “I wholeheartedly recommend Acer Gundog Training .  Mel is calm and patient and makes us all feel like we can achieve our gundog levels, even when the puppies are having a mad day! This has made a huge difference to training. More... We had previously had a bad experience with a dog trainer and were basically told that we had gotten an untrainable breed of dog - he was 9 weeks old at this point. W elcome to my website, my name is Annie Wales and I specialise in gundog and obedience training either 1-1 or in small groups; from complete beginners to advanced gundog training and problem solving. As a first-time dog owner, the task at hand with a puppy often felt overwhelming but the patience and reassurance provided by Mark has been second to none. – Sarah M Our lab picked it up almost instantly and with the training plan Mark helped us lay out, we are confident she will be consistently loose lead walking soon! We now attend the Junior Gundog Class and we are both still learning so much in an enjoyable environment with like minded owners. I can’t recommend Acer Gundog Training enough. The training ground & variety of terrain that Mark trains in is fantastic and gives plenty of opportunity to hone your gundog skills. Mark, our trainer, has been fantastic, he has been so helpful throughout the course, he is very approachable and always happy to answer any questions. I know there is a long way to go as Archie is only 16 months old. Frankie even enjoyed the videos! Professionals will only be given your details once they've sent you a quote. Many thanks to Russ and Acer. The lessons are a joy and I get  enormous pleasure from the knowledge and also from Baxter’s behaviour. I have attended many dog training courses, classes and workshops over the years where you have been training alongside a variety of breeds, but there is something very special when you are in a group of just gundog owners where you can chat, share tips and advice and talk about the highs and lows, the joys and frustrations that only another gundog owner would understand. Could not rate high enough. We are still working hard on our heal work but I’ve seen a huge improvement in him! Now I feel really confident and so much more relaxed training and playing with my little one in the proper way! Get contact details, videos, photos, opening times and map directions. Everyone is so friendly & approachable at Acer, so if your looking for a first class training establishment whether for pet or gundog which gets results l ca highly recommend Acer, Anna Westbrook-White & Hector (Labrador Retriever), Debbie Hives & Maggie (Springer x Labrador), Gordon Newbound & Tsar (Hungarian Vizsla), Susi Bojdys & Walter (Working Cocker Spaniel). Fantastic training from Gemma and Russ - thank you! Enjoyed every minute, learnt lots, have much to practice and my dog slept all the way home. Mark has taught me the rewards of positive training and lots of patience. Although we are unlikely to work Oscar, the training is particularly designed for dogs that have that drive and to train them in obedience. I’m proud of my puppy now! We are looking forward to progressing her natural skills with kind and caring trainers that use positive reward based training.”, “A wonderful experience for my cocker puppy. A well trained dog is a joy to handle but without good guidance from a trainer it is hard to achieve on ones own. I believe that due to this high level of understanding Woody has come on leaps and bounds and we couldn’t be more proud of him!! Thank you Mark – we now have a happier dog and a very happy puppy as a result!”, “Positive reward based training for gundog breeds in an outdoor environment. – Emma B. kind, compassionate, professional and listen to your needs and questions. Having an extremely active springer spaniel, we are so pleased to see how tired out she is after training! The team have got amazing knowledge on dog psychology, and we feel like we understand a spaniel brain better as a result. Having never owned a GSP before we wanted to make sure little Poppy had the best start possible so we signed her up to start as soon as she had completed all of her vaccinations. I would highly recommend Acer Gundog Training, definitely a five star training group which you will not regret joining.”, “I found Acer after already completing puppy classes with another trainer. The atmosphere in the training sessions is always fun and light, and Ruby and I look forward to our sessions every week. I have now started to use some of the training methods on my older dogs – it is certainly never too late to teach an old dog new tricks or indeed the owners! s. The tea break allows the puppies to socialise with each other and for the owners to ask any questions. Our clever little Working Cocker dog, Kipper, on the other hand is all over it! I found Acer Gundog Training on line and after reading nothing but positive reviews, I contacted Mark and was lucky enough to be offered a place for Murphy at gundog puppy classes which we both thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much thanks to the expertise of Mark and Tori. Always gives new insight into What Rosie may be thinking! We will certainly continue!”, Holly Reddick & Woody (Wirehaired Vizsla), Maggie Naylor & Bill (Golden Retriever x Poodle). My dog is now just over a year old and is making steady improvements all the time. “I have been going along to Individual Training Sessions with a goal of progressing to the gundog classes. Then I found Mark and Emma. Mel has built up a knowledge of the individual dogs & can offer really helpful advice. Gemma’s classes are the highlight of our week. The information he gave me was easy to understand and I was able to put into practice his instructions. Mark describes his methods as evidence-based and practical. After an initial 1 to 1 with Mark, I have been using the online beginner gundog course to train our 5 year old GSP Archie over the summer. One of the bonuses about working outdoors is that we can continue to help owners on an individual basis through lockdown. After a few individual lessons with Russ, we’ve been attending Emma’s beginner Gundog classes since July of this year. Could not rate high enough. Acer Gundog Training Chigwell Area. . ... Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within Reviews are those of the author and not the views or opinions of Yell Limited. I am now more confident as a handler and my wife has also commented on me being happier around the house as well! We choose this environment because it is ultimately where you want to enjoy spending time with your canine friend and not to have to worry about unruly behaviour. Please enter the code we just sent to She still has her moments (do Labs ever grow up?) Each class is so different and stimulating for both Hunter and me, with SO many clever techniques and ideas. Beginner Gundog Training Classes are held in small groups in a quiet outdoor setting. Acer was recommended to me by Nikki Binks from Grafham Canine Aventures as she knew my last dog Harley, a black labrador, who was exceptionally obedient. I now understand much better what makes him tick. Acer Gundog Training uses positive reward based training which has really helped Bentley to excel. The classes are gauged to the ability of the canine students in them, are well planned and exercises are broken down into manageable steps allowing the dog (and owner) to learn without being overwhelmed. Lab crossed with Collie, he’s already showing a great … He has learnt so much in his first 6 classes and we have just paid for 6 more, worth every penny.”, “Training with Mark at Acer Gundog Training is working. View details and apply for this Dog Trainer|Franchisé/e job in Edinburgh (EH1) with Acer Gundog Training on totaljobs. Our dogs are always excited to get to training and enjoy the sessions so much. A well trained dog is a joy to handle but without good guidance from a trainer it is hard to achieve on ones own.