8 Bad Habits Successful Students Don’t Have… And How to Avoid Them. However, one needs to put the same effort for every exam. Forming a new habit is all about repetition, Wood says. They can also affect your physical health. While pursuing a rather tedious subject called law, Priya Barua still tries to find time to follow her passion for blogging. college. It is important to establish all the bad study habits that you have acquired and ditch them. Create a new habit in 66 days. Your college years are likely to be lots of fun but they’ll also be academically challenging—that’s why you’re there! About the Author Stephanie Allen read Classics and English at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, and is currently researching a PhD in Early Modern Academic Drama at the University of Fribourg. Students who searched for Habits That Could Hurt Your College Success found the following information relevant and useful. A bad habit is any repeated behavior that results in a negative or unwanted outcome. Common ones for college students include procrastination and not sleeping enough. Author: Priya Barua. At the beginning of the year, most students have goals. Focus on your studies, demonstrate good self-discipline and practice good time management. There are many kinds of bad habits and they vary in severity. Here are some negative study habits that will without doubt impact your academic performance in the long run, so we recommend you address them as quickly as possible. Bad Psychological Habits. Now we will discuss various psychological negative habits. Bad habits are common and most people have at least one while many have multiple. Students spend most of the day amusing themselves in phones and ignoring life around them. Below is a list of 10 habits you should avoid when studying: #1. Good Habits for Students. 8 Bad Habits Every College Student Can Relate To. And, as a result, they can develop some seriously unhealthy habits that disrupt their sleep, eating habits, healthy weight, or worse, lead to the contraction of an STD or an early pregnancy. In a 2010 study led by University College London psychologist Phillippa Lally, PhD, researchers followed 96 volunteers over 12 weeks as they adopted a new health habit, such as drinking a bottle of water with lunch or running for 15 minutes before dinner. Poor study habits are the downfall of many a student, and with so many varying approaches to effective study, how on earth are you supposed to know which is the best? Cramming. First time students can become easily tempted by the freedom that being away at college affords. Dependence on Gadgets and the Internet. Knowing the right way to take notes in class and doing research is extremely important for a young student. Procrastinating college students suffer greater rates of colds and flu, gastrointestinal problems and insomnia. Most students study endlessly for their first exams. According to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, college students who did not sleep or wake up at consistent times every day were more likely to get lower grades. Most of all, banish your bad habits to get the best grades and the best college experience possible. You feel great about the fact that you are finally out of school and ready to start the next journey of life, i.e. A popular disease among 21st-century youth is the desire to stay online all the time. Learning in grade school and high school often leaves people unprepared for college and what college is like. It takes commitment to establish good work and study habits, but it’s achievable, and the payout is worth it.