Saying one is a big fan of the super mutants will result in Tabitha sarcastically thanking them and sending the remaining super mutants in the area towards the player character's location. If your Science skill is high enough, you should be able to reprogram and revive the dead robot. Problem is, when reach the shack they're being kept in there is no sign of a Mr. ... Look, let me make it all better- here’s a post onSavyGamer about how you can buy Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition for £30. (If you could call it one). After talking to Raul inside and setting him free, Tabitha along with 2 nightkin will ambush the Courier as soon as they leave the building, screaming "No! Post Comment. will appear. Mod contains: Two NPC's (One dead...). Project Nevada Night vision - posted in New Vegas Mod Troubleshooting: The nightvision doesnt work. Earl's Shack can be found just up the road from the Goodsprings Gas Station. The thermal vision works fine so I have no idea whats going on Although Rhonda and Tabitha will be friendly towards the player character if the quest is completed peacefully, they are still allied with the super mutants, nightkin, and centaurs around Black Mountain, who become neutral upon completion. This will auto… Walking With Spirits"Walking With Spirits" is perhaps one of the most interesting quests in a Fallout … With a Science Skill of 25, Tabitha's personal computer can be hacked (it does not have a special name, being simply labeled terminal). The Crazy Horns are mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas … Preferably, you can disable her entire scheme here on Black Mountain. When you arrive at the base of the mountain, you should run into an intelligent Super Mutant named Neil. Neil informs you that Tabitha will protect her "state" to the death, and offers to meet you further up the mountain, where he can offer more help. It is. When you're strong enough, you can then begin to work your way up the mountain towards Tabitha's base, killing Super Mutants as you go (though some of them won't be aggressive towards you, so be careful!) Neil will say that the area is patrolled by super mutants during the day, while at night, a cloaked nightkin patrol the roads. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Quest Advice here *spoilers maybe...* Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 An extremely small unmarked quest. With low intelligence, a dialogue choice labeled "[Dumb] What?" The wasteland might be a better place without them. But I started the quest Crazy Crazy Crazy in which the quest consist in the location of black mountain and take out super mutants and night kin. What is he hiding? … I was walking around by the Hidden Valley when Neil the supermutant approached me, he convinced me to help him get rid of Tabitha. It was a radio station apparently hosted by two crazy people. Raul can also be freed without Tabitha becoming hostile. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. When Neil returns from giving false information about "an intruder in the entrance of the Black Mountain," he will start walking back towards his previous location with a number of cloaked nightkin directly behind him to check out the entrance of the area. A page for describing Awesome: Fallout: New Vegas. The last entry in this terminal says that Tabitha hides a second. Page 1 of 2 - Fallout New Vegas Mods Going Crazy - posted in New Vegas Mod Troubleshooting: Title says it all. Following the completion of the quest, super mutants and nightkin will still spawn in the area. 0. Loot! 5 years ago. 136k. After completing this quest peacefully, Rhonda and Tabitha will make their way down the mountain to Neil's shack, where they will disappear from the game, but they will move very slowly. mark and if I take her hat off, she is bald. "Crazy He Calls Me" is a song that plays on Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3, Diamond City Radio in Fallout 4 and Appalachia Radio in Fallout 76. When you think about the amount of data on the Fallout 3, New Vegas, or Oblivion disk, there is so much more it is impossible to test everything. The stupid robot has diappeared and I have no idea how to fix it with the GECK or the console. Crazy with cancer maybe. Patrolling the Mojave. And here’s a bustling casino floor in crazy New Vegas! Neil will tell you about a fellow Mutant named Tabitha, who runs a radio station at the top of the mountain in territory she deems the State of Uthobitha. The games also feature colorful and attractive graphics, and good sound effects.,_Crazy,_Crazy?oldid=3356372. Say nothing, which will irritate Tabitha and cause her to ignore the radio afterward. WTF. Thankfully, when you head back outside after reviving the robot, and with it in tow, you should run into Tabitha. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He will tell you that a super mutant named Tabithahas taken over Black Mountain. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Crazy, Crazy, Crazy is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. form id You'll still have some Super Mutants to fight, but not nearly the amount you would have had Neil not helped you. Sounds strange? Upon reaching the toppled satellite dish by an irradiated crater, there is a ham radio under it which can be used to talk to Tabitha. Handy anywhere. (Optional) Meet Neil in the village near the summit of Black Mountain. 5 years ago. The super mutants usually win the opening fight and are then attacked by more nightkin. Given by: Neil [Black Mountain] (M44:1) Neil can be found at the Neil's Shack #1. He heard the "interesting" radio Source(s): key quest crazy crazy crazy fallout vegas: Crazy in a good way. Appearances. 1000 XP Pretty far into a new playthough I decided to tackle the Black Mountain quest like I always do and repair Tabitha's Mr. The second terminal will now open the door. Neil Ran into a glitch on the Crazy Crazy Crazy quest. Within this empty building, if you head to the far right end of it once inside, you should find a disabled robot lying on a table. One of her rules is that no humans are welcome to the area and any that approach should be shot on sight. Note that if the player character chose to bypass Neil and kill the nightkin at the summit by themselves, talking to him later will have no effect. Telling Tabitha the "dumb-dumbs" are taking over, which requires a 75 Speech check, will cause her to sentence them (non-nightkin super mutants) to death. Under the toppled satellite dish are several trunks, two of which contain several hundred. 2. After doing this, Tabitha and Rhonda can be killed and looted with no Karma penalty. 0. The thing is, you need not ever confront Tabitha at all if you play your cards right. Follow/Fav Fallout New Vegas: Old Man Courier. Crazy Vegas is an online casino that offers you a variety of casino games to play for free or real money. One of those buildings on your left should be marked as Storage. Elated that her robot is back up and running, the side quest should mysteriously and suddenly end thereafter, creating the best conduit from beginning to end in an otherwise arduous side quest. Enter the storage shed at the top of the mountain, where the player character will find a disabled robot named. editor id Crazy, Crazy, Crazy. Killing her will complete the quest. The building has 2 terminals, one opened and one very hard locked, and a door that requires a key. I won't let you have my Raul!". IrishFan. So make absolutely sure that you find him before storming Tabitha's actual building. 128 80 FCO - The New Bison Steve.esp 129 81 FCO - OHSB NPC Edits.esp FCO - Russell.esp 130 82 FCO - Willow.esp FCO - Willow (Cazy).esp 131 83 FCO - NPC Changes.esp If I enable Willow crazy, which is suppose to be a different appearance, she becomes a red ! Neil intends on running forward and causing a distraction, which will then allow you to get closer to Tabitha which much less trouble. » Fallout: New Vegas » Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Quest - Black Mountain ... Ok so i'm in the middle of doing the crazy, crazy, crazy quest in black mountain where you have to defeat Tabitha. The Stealth Boy-using Super Mutants ahead, near Tabitha's base of operations, can be extremely powerful and annoying. Black Mountain Here's the rub. They will be friendly but cannot be interacted with. Anonymous. As you near Neil's shack or approach Black Mountain from Hidden Valley, a super mutant named Neil approaches you and automatically starts a dialogue. There are 3 dialogue options, or 4 with low Intelligence: There are also two shortcuts to the summit to avoid most of the super mutants: Once the summit is reached, the super mutants at the compound can either be killed or drawn away by asking Neil for help. One of them called him – or perhaps herself Rhonda. Technical stuff and quality too: Adds about 20 songs Adds a talking activator to the 188 trading post cell Come down and see credits section, you'll think its too good to be true woah woah. Enter the prison building and release Raul. How do I get the key for the quest crazy, crazy, crazy in fallout new Vegas? 565. As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. By: Sir-Spoder. Stealth Boys can be utilized here, but that might not work. VMS57 This will automatically start the quest, which requires the Courier to enter Tabitha's stronghold and put an end to her chaos. Created Aug 3, 2010. Attacking or killing any Black Mountain inhabitants, even in self-defense, will turn both Tabitha and Rhonda hostile. Speak to it, and it will tell you that it wants to see Tabitha. Fallout: New Vegas Crazy, Crazy, Crazy - Fallout: New Vegas Guide with maps and videos Why is he crazy? So trust us, and leave this side quest for one of the last ones you undertake. Fallout New Vegas community and everything related. I checked in the GECK and found a very suspicious RhondaFallThroughDoNothing package, but since i have no experience with the GECK didn't discover much. Yup, I didn't read the hint on the fallout wiki. Head to the summit of Black Mountain and end Tabitha's reign of terror. The first terminal contains Raul's diary; reading Entry 6 will reveal the password (123456789) for the other terminal. Apart from the radio station where she transmits her broadcast from, there are two other buildings. Since the flag is not set anywhere, this topic never appears. After passing a certain line, but not yet to Neil's shack, two groups of super mutants will spawn further down the road. Fallout: New Vegas -- Dead Money Summary : In Dead Money, players must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the Sierra Madre Casino treasure. He'll tell you that Tabitha, the leader of the Black Mountain nightkin, is crazy, and that she's ordered all of her nightkin to shoot humans on sight. Contains around 20 "songs". There is an unavailable option at the ham radio to tell Tabitha of a dumb-dumb revolt with a lower Speech 40 check, but for that, you must know that Tabitha is paranoid. "All My Friends Have Off Switches" is a side quest in the Old World Blues DLC. Fallout: New Vegas side quest He's finally ready to help you out, and has a plan to hatch. This expansion includes new terrain, foes, and choices for players to make. I know this is not important in how I am playing the game,but I am pursing to get every good ending for each character presented. Next to the aforementioned dome-like building, when you near the top of the mountain, you should find your old friend Neil, who you likely met earlier at the base of the mountain. Use of Drugs, Strong Language, Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Sexual Content, Presented by Immortals Fenyx Rising Stadia, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Tabitha is dangerous and unpredictable, and she needs to be taken down a notch. Crazy Bruce's Radio adds a radio station based off of the Crazy Bruce's Liquor Store commercials for you. In this quest, the player has to track… It was sung by Billie Holiday and composed by Carl Sigman, with lyrics by Bob Russell. It was created by Vault-Tec Industries, and served as a … The Los Angeles Vault was the very first vault, and played heavily into the plot of the original Fallout game. (1) Head to the summit of Black Mountain and end Tabitah's reign of terror. Fighting will then break out between the super mutants and nightkin. One of her rules is that no humans are welcome in the area, and any that approach should be shot on sight. 0 0. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In an open dome-like structure near a gigantic, radioactive crater, you can even find a radio that you can talk some smack to Tabitha with, should you have a high enough Speech skill to do so. This requires moving stealthily past the guards. He will say that a super mutant named Tabitha has taken over Black Mountain. Examine it. Crazy Vegas. In the conclusion of the story, you can help a cult of Zombie ghouls pursue their charismatic leader's crazy dream of finding nirvana by attempting to launch them … I am currently playing fallout new vegas on pc, great game and everything. I cant respawn it without breaking the quest script. Couriers. Fallout: New Vegas; Crazy, Crazy, Crazy - Black Mountain Quest ****SPOILERS**** User Info: EricBear99. It seems that this was supposed to be learned either from Neil or from Tabitha's radio broadcasts about her paranoia, it may be cut content or a bug. Rhonda and best friend Tabitha. If any companions are solely responsible for the kill, Tabitha and Rhonda may only become hostile to them. At that price, I’d say this game is probably worth it. Anyone who has ventured near Black Mountain will note a strange radio signalcontaining mad ravings emanating from the mountain. It's flanked by El Dorado Substation to the east and Neil's Shack to the west. Enter the broadcast building and simply kill Tabitha. Though our write-up for this side quest is brief, rest-assured that this is one of the more difficult and arduous side quests in the entire game, and one that shouldn't be undertaken until you're strong enough to take care of business with little trouble (being level thirty doesn't hurt). location EricBear99 10 years ago #1. given by (2) {Optional) Meet Neil in the village near the summit of Black Mountain. Next Side quests Cry Me a River Prev Side quests Come Fly With Me. New Location. Traveling down to his location afterward will result in him thanking the player character as if they already agreed to help him. Upon approaching Neil's shack or Black Mountain from Hidden Valley, a super mutant named Neil runs up and starts dialogue. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy | Side quests Fallout: New Vegas Guide. However, with high enough sneak skill, one can free Raul and sneak quickly to the storage building to repair Rhonda, causing Tabitha to initiate dialogue upon exiting the building and becoming nonhostile. The reason why this side quest should only be undertaken by the extremely experienced and powerful is simply because there are Super Mutants all over the mountain totally loyal to Tabitha, and fighting them en masse when you're weaker will almost certainly lead to your destruction. reward When I met my Gemini schoolmate I knew she either had to be saggitarius or a Gemini. At this point, one can choose to complete the quest in one of three ways. This quest can be completed without the involvement of Neil. There is a long way where one will fight against three patrols and checkpoints of super mutants or nightkin. Join. A man is known to reside in one of the hills surrounding Goodsprings, non other than Crazy Earl. 10-22-2010, 05:52 PM #162. This carries no Karma penalty. I get the grainy effect but no green tint and night is still dark. 00166b87. The other announced them to be called Tabitha. When you approach the shack, a super mutant named Neil will come up to you and try to convince you to leave. In addition to this, the application features a nice and well-organized user interface that can be used by anyone. The entire side quest takes place at Black Mountain, a perilous location near the center of the Mojave Wasteland. What has he been doing? The New Canaan missionaries did what they could to prevent the extinction of the Crazy Horns, but were unsuccessful and now the Crazy Horns only serve as a reminder of what improper assistance achieves. Handy Rhonda. Uncle Owen And Aunt Beru Make An AppearanceWhen couriers first make it to Nipton, they will find … With a Speech check of 50, Neil can be convinced to assist in killing Tabitha. After choosing this option, Tabitha will dismiss the player character as a "dumb-dumb," and cut off the conversation. The quest was designed by Jesse Farrell and is named after the 1953 song "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" by The "5" Royales. Raul Tejada is a ghoul mechanic enslaved as a radio technician on top of the Super Mutant stronghold Black Mountain. From Neil's shack, the Courier will have to make their way up the road towards Black Mountain. In Dead Money, players must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the Sierra Madre Casino treasure.