It’s good you’ve figured out what works for you. The majority of women fall into one of the 8 female body types above. :):). The straight drop and defined waistline bring attention to your narrow waist, and dropping the flare keeps the skirt from making your hips look wider than they actually are. I’m fairly sure I am an “8 shape” since most of your suggestions align with what tends to be most flattering on me. Figure-8 Body Shape: Awesome Ways to Dress a Figure-8 Body Type,, How to choose a dress for a figure-8 body shape. You have 0 item(s) in your Shopping Cart. Self-images can be woefully misleading, so the first thing you should do is take accurate measurements of your chest, waist and hips. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Wearing higher rise pants helps so at least I don’t get a muffin-top, but even then, shirts still cling badly. These descriptions are great, I just find it impossible to figure it out. The Stunkard Figure Rating Scale (FRS) is a subjective measure of body fat, and self-perceptions of body image conceivably impact the development and treatment of T2DM. Maybe you immediately recognized your body type in this list of categories, maybe you didn’t. The figure 8 body needs skirts and dresses to fall smoothly over the hips and go straight down, if they flare, because the high hip is much wider than the waist, they will flare out too quickly and make the wearer look very wide. Do you have any thoughts on this? It’s important to remember that you can wear whatever you want, no matter what the “rules” say. Im a girl from sweden that has allways wondered what body shape I have, but I have never known who to ask. I found a Banana Republic fit-and-flare that worked because of a few well-placed structured pleats and didn’t overly flare. Other people may find that they also store excess weight in their sides and lower abdomen. But I bet most 8s are shorter waisted and Xs. It is often called the hourglass figure. ], Diamond Shaped Body. Andrea. I’m a UK size 18, with big thighs and I’m self concious about my midriff. "How to choose a dress for a figure-8 body shape", I’m a bit confused between 8 and H shape. High-waisted pants could make your hips look long and square. Anyone with a body mass index over 30 (obese) has a higher risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes, regardless of where your body stores excess fat. Everyone is unique, and understanding your shape can help you show off parts of your body you love. Here is a link:, I knew this was the case, and I’ve been trying to put this into words for a long time, but you’ve done it brilliantly. Jeans are challenging since most curvy jeans assume your curves are lower, and then the jeans usually just dig in at my waist. You may find for your body that belting doesn’t work. K.line – will look for one – the X carries her weight lower and the waist gently slopes to the width at the thighs, rather than it suddenly coming out from under the waist. She’ll often find a peplum will be most attractive as longer straighter jackets may be too tight around her hips, but too loose at the waist. My shoulders and hips are in line with a defined waist, so I know I bestow a version of an hourglass. "The figure-8 body type has a narrow waist and proportional hips and shoulders. They have equally predominant busts and hips with a narrow waist. Several layers of toughened bull's hide (*5) were glued and stitched to a wicker structure. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Figure 8. Feeling confident about yourself and loving your body are important no matter what shape it might have. This is why she looks better in a straight skirt than an A line or flared skirt, which looks better on the X shape body. People with a figure-8 body tend to have a larger top measurement, while people with an hourglass shape usually have a larger bottom measurement. Flared dresses and skirts extend higher and broader on a figure-8 body shape, because of the shape of the hips.