With the oak cabinets, the grain was very evident post-staining. Gel Staining Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers. My oak cabinets are old and kinda of blotty. Nope, didn't sand them at all! We used a brush to help blend from the grooves - this isn't necessary, but we liked how it looked. Use the denatured alcohol and water mix instead. Hmmm, I'm not sure why it didn't work. Thanks! Is the gel stain pretty durable when cleaning the cabinets on a regular basis? During this time, I started on the doors and drawers out in the garage. Gel stains provide great coverage over existing finishes because they are full-bodied and pigment-rich. I’ve tried cleaning that with soap & water before and the greasy residue remains. They turned out great. The best part is that I didn’t even have to buy any more gel stain. TSP? She had a lot of grease and stains on her cabinets that you couldn’t see, but came right off with the mixture. Keep reading for all the ins and outs of glazing. Relatively goof proof, gel stains contain urethane. Good luck with your cabinets! Did you let the stain sit for a while before wiping? 4. First of all, yes, your gel stain furniture (whether it’s gel stain kitchen cabinets, table top, or bookshelf) needs to have a top coat. I love to create just about anything - DIY, crafts, sewing and baking are a few of my hobbies. That will take off the excess stain and any smudges. It may be helpful to have a brush to push the glaze into the grooves if you find that the rag isn't doing the job. 3. Hi! I let it sit about five minutes and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. Use a paint brush to apply a layer of gel stain. After I was finished staining the kitchen cabinet frames, the instructions called for 5 days of dry time before the polyurethane. Just apply it thinly over the surface similar to painting. It is true that polyurethane is even more durable. I am going to try it on the oak cabinets in my bath - and then, if successful, my kitchen. I'm quite pleased with how well it's held up. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Instead of using a cloth to wipe it the excess, I am going to take a bristle brush and dry-brush. I decided I wanted to refinish our kitchen cabinets to match our hardwood floors. I tried this today and it didn’t work at all. It will appear streaky; that’s ok. Don’t apply too thickly. Gel stains are not good for pine, birch or cherry because the swirly texture encourages blotches. Glazing cabinets is an easy way to update the look and feel of your space. Thanks for sharing this! Atom I'm curious why you finished with a coat of lacquer. Then take a second DRY brush and feather it out. Gel stain works well on nonporous wood such as Masonite and hardboard because it doesn't enhance the wood grain. Today were going to discuss refinishing existing oak cabinets with General Finishes Gel Stain, dubbed the One-Coat Wonder by Amy from High Style Restyle in Dallas because of its exceptional coverage. You did a great job. Just apply it with a rag and the glaze will stay in the grooves and really make the trim pop. Gel stains are also good for fiberglass and metal and for use on vertical surfaces. It didn't even stay in the grooves? Thank you for this information I am excited to try this. If you're on the fence, you could do the inside of a door to see how you like it. You will also may need a scotch brite pad, sanding pad, gloves, poly-foam brushes, bristle brushes, pad applicator or roller, blue shop towels, dust cloth and painters tape. What are your thoughts about TSP before trying to glaze? Using a gel stain as the glaze requires minimal work and maximum results. I suggest trying it on the inside of the cabinet to test out the color. Post Comments Find out which is better for the grade or type of wood like oak, cedar and mahogany. Gel stain will … The good thing is you have lots of options when it comes to a top coat for your gel stain project. However, keep in mind that weather and high humidity can impact the drying time. Here is a door finished with 1 coat of Brown Mahogany painted on using our dry-brush technique and sealed with 3 coats of High Performance Flat. Clean all of the cabinets with warm, sudsy water the day before to allow for drying time. I keep a mineral soaked cloth next to me. Always brush in the direction of the grain. My kinda project! It's easier to clean the cabinets while they are still attached. I have light maple cabinets that I need to update for new Buyers and I was wondering if the glaze is brushed on?..and then wiped off to your liking?? Jennifer Ott January 11, 1970. A good gel stain should only take one coat to get a desired uniform look. See more ideas about gel stain, stain, staining wood. I have yellow/gold 90's oak cabinets that I need to take the gold hue out of! So smart! Get it into those corners. After having so much success with the cabinets, I decided to gel stain my honey oak kitchen table. When you’re spending so much time on the Java Gel coats drying, you might as well reduce some time elsewhere. When you are happy with the color, allow it to dry for 24-48 hours before you go to your next step. I like to dab my brush onto the cloth to pre-dampen and then use the brush to remove the excess stain. My cabinets are beautiful, but a little light for my liking. Kitchen Cabinet Transformation, we renovated our cabinet for less than one hundred dollars, its very easy and fun to do Beginning with the backside of the cabinet, coat each cabinet lightly with the gel stain using an old cloth or foam brush. What it Will Cost You to Paint Cabinets Using Gel Stain. Yes, I think glazing would look great on oak. At first, I wanted to paint them white, but our painter and realtor suggested staining. I love this method, and think it would work great for deepening the color of my oak kitchen cabinets. I am going to try this! Another perk, still, is gel stain’s ease of use in vertical projects. And some of my cabinets have wood rope trim in bathrooms and key hole trim in the kitchen. Powered by. I think I could do this if there is no sanding. Starting with Java Gel Stain, GF's Gel Stains have quickly become one of our best selling products because they provide great coverage over existing finishes or raw wood. I just hate DIY projects you pour a lot of time and love into, and then they're not so durable. I thought that lacquer is sensitive to water. I’ve done quite a few projects using gel stain… my favorite (and biggest) was the kitchen and bathroom cabinets in the first house we flipped. Gel Stains are formulated with a combination of pigments, oils, and urethanes to produce a deep and durable finish. ). ** The drying time for he cabinets was longer because of the time of year she completed her project. How to Gel Stain a Kitchen Table. Lacquer is water resistant. My cabinets look just like yours did but I have 27 doors in my kitchen and on an entertainment center. You mentioned using soap an water to clean your cabinets prior. Otherwise it will stain the wood instead of glaze it. The transformation was amazing. This is what’s going to protect your hard work for years to come! When we moved into our house the first thing I wanted to update was the kitchen. Copyright Adventures of a DIY Mom 2019. I am ready to try. The good news is that today, there are so many great colors to choose from when it comes to re-staining cabinets versus even five years ago. Before getting started, have the following supplies ready: To clean the surface you will either need furniture cleaner, mineral spirits or a 50:50 mix of denatured alcohol and water. ( Cabinets not wood? I have knotty alder cabinets which have yellowed. Today I'm sharing our adventures in glazing the bathroom cabinet. It is OK to use solvent-based cleaners with oil finishes, but NEVER use them with water based finishes. Updating Cabinets with gel stain – Step 1 – Clean the cabinets. This is because unlike traditional stain, gel stains don’t penetrate the surface. » Tutorials Unfortunately, real wood cabinets are often expensive. I think the rope trim will look really good with a glaze. I used dish soap and water. How to Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets. It may take even longer to dry. With kitchen renovations costing thousands of dollars, this gel stain is about $30 for a quart (a quart goes a long way). The gel stain is thick like pudding, not a liquid. You definitely want that layer of lacquer between the wood and the gel. We used a cloth (a piece of an old t-shirt) to apply and a different cloth to wipe it off. This stain is loaded with pigment, so be sure to lock in and protect the color with any of the following topcoats: Oil based Gel Satin or Arm-R-Seal, water based High Performance or Flat Out Flat. Thank you! The contents of this blog, including text, original pictures and ideas are the sole property of the author. We have hickory cabinets that were just finished with clear varnish. More, America's Leading Manufacturer of Innovative Water-Based Wood Finishes, Manufacturer Account Custom Coatings Registration Form, COMPARE Paints, Glazes & Pigmented Topcoats, COMPARE Primers, Sanding Sealers & Undercoats, Water Based Paints, Glazes and Pigmented Top Coats, Enduro Ready to Match (RTM) Water Based Stain, Fill Sticks -NEW Assortment Pack of 15 Color Groups, Touch Up Markers - NEW Assortment Pack of 15 Color Groups, Water Based Paints, Pearl Effects & Glazes, High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat, Fill Stick and Touch Up Marker Assortment Pack. I like the fact that lacquer is a true clear coat and doesn't change the color of the wood and/or stain. Tip – Make sure to label the location of each door or drawer so you don’t forget where it came from later. Thus, … Really bummed out. Starting with Java Gel Stain, GF's Gel Stains have quickly become one of our best selling products because they provide great coverage over existing finishes or raw wood. You might need to test out a few different colors of glaze to see what looks best. I want to try this on my cabinets. It's really easy! I can't say that I clean the actual cabinet doors/drawers very often though. Staining wood cabinets gives you a complete color change solution, but only if your goal is a darker stain. Thanks so much for the info! I love the deep, rich tones of the wood after glazing it. My husband and I followed your steps and did our whole kitchen this past week. Go with the grain. For cabinets with man-made material, such as fiberglass or steel, that have a wo… If you are attempting to do the project when it’s colder or rainy. Mine was on around 5 minutes. This is a post update from when I originally gel stained our kitchen cabinets on Meredith Lane. I believe so, but try it out on the inner side of the cabinet to be sure. Gel staining your cabinets is a long process and it can take several days to complete. I have not heard if they tried it or how it went. The weather was still pretty mild, which was great for drying. The heavier the application, the longer it takes to dry. You could try on a small area first if you want to be sure. That being said, if you feel more comfortable with another type of finish I say go for it! Plastic laminate cabinets have the appearance of real wood and are a more budget-friendly option. I'm Rachel. I used Old Masters in Early American on honey oak. Allow each coat to dry 24 to 48 hours, depending on temperature and humidity. A very informative tutorial. Easy-to-use, General Finishes gel stain is undoubtedly the best gel stain brand, as it involves little prep, and produces high-quality results. I know it looks like gel stain doesn’t need a finish coat but it does! Wow, what an improvement. Thank you so much! -------------------------------------------------------------, Chalk Style Paint - http://bit.ly/1X0R5OO, Oil Based Gel Stains - http://bit.ly/1gRtXzc, High Performance Topcoat - http://bit.ly/1vQEYQE, Flat Out Flat Topcoat - http://bit.ly/1IlKDci, --------------------------------------------------, America's leading manufacturer of innovative water-based finishes. Another reason I love General Finishes stains is they have a fantastic color selection of stains that are updated and shades that I am seeing in new homes today.via General Finishes One of the prettiest trends I have been seeing in new homes is the mix of painted cabinets and stained woo… In this video, Tom and Sheryl Monahan of General Finishes show how to refresh existing oak cabinets with Brown Mahogany Gel Stain. Wipe off the dust with a tack cloth or a water-dampened rag, and then let it dry again. Welcome to the Designaholic community! HomeAdvisor's Painted vs. Stained Cabinets Guide compares paint and stain for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, including pros, cons, costs, and types like gel stain or white paint. Remove all the knobs and take apart any removable parts of the cabinets. In my case, it was one door and three drawers. Repeat with cabinet frame. Once dry, lightly buff the surface with a 220 sanding pad. You can tell if an oil finish is dry if its no longer tacky and you cant smell it. When you are applying a gel stain to the wood, you don’t have to rub it in like traditional paint stains. So we tackled the kitchen. If we had applied the stain without a barrier, we would have had big splotchy places where the stain soaked into the wood. See more in the tips at the end of this post. See more ideas about staining cabinets, gel stain, refinishing cabinets. It is also possible to use gel stain on laminate cabinets for a real-wood look. (You can test on the inside of the cabinets and remove with mineral spirits if needed). I happen to have wood floors in the same hue and wondered if this might work on floors, as well. Any thoughts? When I wiped the stain off it all came off leaving the cabinets the same as they were to start with. Wearing the gloves, gently stir the gel stain. Do you think it would look good on yellow oak cabinets? Our cabinets were the builder’s grade oak with a nice crown moulding on the top. Let the cabinets dry for 48 hours. Nov 13, 2019 - Explore Lisa Brott's board "Gel stain kitchen cabinets", followed by 145 people on Pinterest. However, our cabinets {especially along the bottom} had places where the finish was no longer there. I'm curious how yours had help up. Great suggestions!! It's been two years and it still looks great. While gel stain does go on thick and sit on the surface of the wood, I found that you can still see and feel the natural wood grain beneath, unlike paint. Thanks for sharing. How to Glaze Cabinets with Gel Stain. So you didn't sand the lacquer between it and the gel? Feb 17, 2020 - Explore Hollie Buckner-Sims's board "Stained Kitchen Cabinets", followed by 376 people on Pinterest. The gel stain is to be applied to a finished piece of wood in order to act as a glaze. Floors will wear so much more quickly than counters, so protecting it is especially important. Lacquer is also very easy to touch up - just add another coat and it will meld right in with the existing lacquer. Do not remove the stain (treat it like a paint). Ideal conditions are 70 degrees with 70% humidity. Good luck with your project! The update adds such warmth to the wood. 8 Stunning Stain Colors for Kitchen Cabinets Transform raw wood for custom-looking cabinetry with a stain that fills your need for color but lets the grain show through. I was told to use a soft clean cloth to apply it and then wipe off to the effect that you want. Mar 15, 2015 - Explore Charlene's board "Gel stain cabinets" on Pinterest. In most cases, cabinets will be finished. This is not a heavy-duty sanding, just a light buffing. After applying your gel stain allow a full 24 hours to dry (It only took 12 hours after the second and third coats for my cabinets). I’m wondering about using TSP to clean one of my cabinets that sits above the microwave/hood and has a greasy residue. Home I used their Gel Urethane on my kitchen cabinets, but the water-based High performance in Satin for all others. Gel stains come in a wide variety of color choices. Read on for the video transcript and a list of useful links. I wish I could attach pictures. You can totally do this!! I wish you luck with your cabinets! Real wood cabinets give your kitchen an elegant, rustic appeal. See more ideas about staining cabinets, gel stain kitchen cabinets, stained kitchen cabinets. Will this even out the stain? Gel Stains are formulated with a combination of pigments, oils, and urethanes to produce a deep and durable finish. I have not used TSP before, but I think it will be just fine. They look and feel like they don't need a topcoat when dry, but they do. I'm going to start by applying gel stain with my foam brush, starting in the center sections and working my way around the rest of the door, the styles and the frame. You may want to apply more coats to achieve the desired color or depth of warmth for woodwork. You can enhance it more by using our Pitch Black Glaze Effects. Aug 4, 2016 - Explore Kimberly Merck's board "Gel stain over Golden oak " on Pinterest. Sanding between coats of stain is not required. This allows it to be used over existing top coats with a slick veneer or old paint and previous stains with little prep work. Good luck with your cabinets! ***JOIN OUR BRAND NEW FACEBOOK GROUP*** Calling all DIY, Design, and Staging lovers! Your cost is going to vary. See more ideas about kitchen remodel, kitchen design, kitchen renovation. There was enough in the one quart to cover my cabinets (10 doors, 5 drawers, and pantry door), table, and benches. https://youtu.be/OgX5yE5rUbo. You recommend a coat of laquer first. Start by covering any glass with painter's tape and remove all hardware, otherwise the stain will adhere to these surfaces. We were not interested in spending a ton of money immediately upon moving in so I knew gel stain would be my best friend. What do you use to clean your cabinets with? Jennifer's work has been featured in many print and online publications. » You can get mineral spirits at most hardware or home improvement stores. I’ve hated them since we moved in. This is the same door but with two coats on, you can see it gets a little bit darker. If the finish is coming off at all, then yes, I would recommend lacquering first. One thing I would suggest is making sure to finish it with a durable clear coat (maybe multiple coats). We have these Cabinets throughout our home and our bathroom can’t are being replaced so we practiced with those. Read on, to find out how I refinished my kitchen cabinets for less than $80 without stripping or sanding. I am wondering if Unknown did this to their yellow oak cabinets and what color they chose? General Finishes Gel Stain can give your kitchen cabinets a fresh and updated look. If applied directly to unfinished wood, it will act as a stain. Then I will come back and re-apply the gel, enough to keep it wet so I can work with it.