@Bricktastic_builder:While it's a first for the theme, it's not a first for the company. Shop for lego jurassic at Best Buy. LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Dinosaur brand new from Lego set #75941 Condition ... IKEA BYGGLEK 201 piece LEGO Brick Set 40357 Limited Release NIB New & Sealed. Whilst Dimetrodon is a particular bugbear (it not even being contemporaneous with dinosaurs) it was the setname of 21320 that hurt the most... @magmafrost said:"I understand that large pieces are more expensive to produce, but you cannot tell me they are hundreds of times more expensive. The fact that the joints aren't built into a preassembled torso also could potentially reduce the cost of dinosaurs that use these parts, compared to parts like the Tyrannosaurus torso that still use preassembled torso pieces. 1 Events 2 List of themes introduced and discontinued 2.1 Themes Introduced 2.2 Themes … Obviously the price was driven by the inclusion of Smaug, as well as the license. Strangely, these two characters are incorrectly labelled on the packaging as their names are swapped. Most likely they will be found for 80 USD when some retailer puts a 20% discount on them. ... LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus 75941. This set is good but extremely pricey. Technic pins connect each arm to the body while the legs are mounted using ratchet joints. @MugenLazlo said:"The set is good, but the $99.99 price tag is utterly preposterous. LEGO has officially announced the next LEGO Star Wars Master Builder set with the Mos Eisley Cantina (75290). Franchise. Who is going to pay $99.99 for a 537 piece set? This … Review: 75941 Indominus rex vs. Ankylosaurus. Price. $150 in Australia. But I won't get it unless it goes down to like half off at Walmart half a year from now... it's just so expensive and the build, while nicely done and a pleasant departure from the same weird blue vehicles and tiny pieces of massive enclosures, is just boring... mostly I don't believe those dinos are worth $49.99 just by themselves. The models look excellent and the Gyrosphere deployment function is very enjoyable. Claire Dearing is also relatively common across the Jurassic World range, although this figure is unique and takes inspiration from the 2015 movie. The dinosaur's swiping tail adds to the action options. With the full range of January 2020 LEGO sets available to buy, Brick Fanatics picks out the 10 sets that are most worth fans’ attention. Click to play video . LEGO News & Happenings. Theme: Jurassic World 2020. FOX did not officially renew Lego Masters for season yet. It's a minor detail, but the Jimmy Fallon sticker is very charming. This depiction of Owen Grady has appeared in many previous sets but closely resembles the character from Jurassic World, sporting a reddish brown vest with several pockets and a sand blue shirt beneath. Two modest trees therefore flank the Gyrosphere sign. 0:25 . Maybe that's why TLG has recently moved to only using renders in their marketing materials. WB Games WB Games. Once they negotiate their wholesale price, they know how high the MSRP has to be for them to make money on each sale. There's another topic concerning the release date. Too bad its not 1500 pieces, then they could charge $300 for it. Foliage and flowers surround the building, corresponding precisely with its appearance during the movie. LEGO Jurassic World Indominus rex vs. Ankylosaurus 75941 Awesome Dinosaur Building Toy for Kids, Featuring Jurassic World LEGO Character Minifigures for Hours of Creative Fun, New 2020 (537 Pieces) in Stacking Blocks. I thought the release date was june 1, but on the website it still says coming soon. Kids can enjoy hours of solo or social play creating epic battles in the jungle with 2 fearsome dinosaur figures and more. Jurassic World Jurassic World. LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada) is now accepting pre-orders for the new Summer 2020 LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig set. The LEGO x adidas ZX 8000 is set to release on the adidas webstore and vial retailers like Overkill and 43einhalb come September 25. Nintendo and LEGO have teamed up for a unique, ... 'LEGO Super Mario' Full Set Including 8 New Expansions Revealed with Release Date. save hide report. The yellow warning sign at the end of the track looks superb, cleverly disguising a support for the guidance rail around the corner. One way or the other, the two parts should have married up better. The printed legs also look great and I like the double-sided head, featuring cheerful and determined expressions alongside accurate facial hair. $150 in Australia. This model definitely appears impressive, taking inspiration from the Gyrosphere ride and the subsequent battle between the Indominus rex and an Ankylosaurus. $150 in Australia. If we complain too much they won't give us more dinos guys! Unfortunately, the rest of the Summer 2020 LEGO Harry Potter sets are not available for pre-order yet. ItemName: Lego [SW set 7] (release date ? Summary. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. These colourful accents are very attractive and I like the dark orange highlights too, especially as the 2x2 corner tiles with cutouts have only appeared twice before in this colour. Eh, I prefer the original indominus rex. Videos for this product. The head accordingly features intimidating spikes above the piercing red eyes and the mouth opens. The Indominus rex looks super cool and improved; I want one. Format: Toy. Add to Cart. The LEGO Group’s participation rounds out an overall branded toy campaign designed to bring the action, adventure, and excitement of the film to audiences around the world alongside global master toy licensee Hasbro. The exposed Technic bricks could perhaps have been covered but the cradle and track are amply detailed. The narrow section between the end of the track and the ticket booth also looks marvellous, making further use of foliage to create the impression of surrounding plant life. No changes have been made to the essential design of the Gyrosphere since 2015, although the version from 75929 Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape featured printed cracks. The good people at LEGO sent me the new Jurassic World sets, thank you! Nevertheless, more articulation is always welcome and the joints have been concealed properly. I still won't hesitate to buy it after reading this review, but I did not know the parts count was so low! Furthermore, I appreciate the neat transition between the track and the ground which ensures that the Gyrosphere continues to roll. The release date of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga may have just leaked, courtesy of GameStop. When I first saw pictures of this set, I immediately knew I had to get it because I'm a pretty big JW fan and I played the heck out of the LEGO game from 2014, I think it was. Item: 75941 Pieces: 537 Ages: 8+ Release date Australia. Although this one has a more accurate color scheme, it’s eyes are just too large and cartoony. Along with my first look at the set I also saw the price tag of 100 bucks, but I thought that wasn't too bad as you'd get 2 very cool dinosaurs and all of the main charachters from the first JW film, as well as a build for a memorable location. There are so many ways to play with the gyrosphere station, which features a ticket booth, turnstile and gyrosphere-launch function, plus a jungle build with trees to knock down with the Ankylosaurus’s swiping tail.