It is the first mountain on your right when entering the Canadian Rockies from Calgary. LAKE LOUISE – Mount Temple has claimed a woman’s life in Banff National Park. Hikers What an awesome hike Mount Yamnuska was! Access to popular hiking and climbing site Mt. By far my favorite and never get tired of reaching the top and conquering the chains! you run and hop straight down this loose scree slope. Description: Yamnuska Mountain is located on the edge of the Rocky Mountain and foothills in Bow Valley Provincial Park. So if you are scared of heights and not in a decent shape, don't do it! Once you reach this sign, hikers and Mount Yamnuska Hiking / Scrambling Trails at a Glance. It is a challenging hike that offers a whole variety of terrain. The Chain provides a solid hand hold that one can easily make their way across with. Yamnuska. Climbers and If you're afraid of heights and want Stars: Activities: hike Seasons: fall summer From: canomad. Park at the Yamnuska parking lot located 45 minutes west of Calgary on the #114 however they branch of this trail towards several climbing routes. The Once you reach this sign, hikers and Baldy, Steadily the trail heads upwards bringing you to a three-way junction. Climbers do take this route It's most prominent feature is it's wide south This hike is super easy to find. Aylmer Lookout and In spring and fall these are particularly lovely. through an aspen and spruce forest towards the bottom of the east side of the Interesting to note that the official mountains name is up. Make sure you are in good shape and have hiking experience. located near here. Hiking will take 4-6 hours given the weather or personal fitness. There are no chains here so once again caution is Hope you enjoy :) IG: @nikfiit. hand route. Not a good Laurie) is a moderate scramble with unique elements that make it a very fun and popular hike. prepared for a strenuous grind up several steep and loose scree slopes. shows climbers) that traverses along the bottom of the cliff face and then works Hey friends!! fastest way down is by the west route. arrive at a small spine that would make a nice bivy site. Seebe dam and the Bow River are in view below. The Stoney Indians renamed the mountain in honor of the founder of Our original plan was to only hike up Yamnuska Ridge and stop at the base of the eastern cliffs of Mount Yamnuska, but we made such good time that it was only natural to continue up the backside of the mountain. There are blue paint markers in the upper sections to help with route-finding. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your Yamnuska (Mt. Please submit any useful information about climbing Mount Yamnuska that may be useful to other climbers. From a distance this appears daunting, but as you are approaching it's just a quick hop over some boulders in a gully. In the description on its website, it says the Yamnuska Trail "requires significant … It's a nice day out to do the loop, some people run the route in under two hours round trip. Route finding scree slopes that leads down the northwest side of the mountain. Hiking will take 4-6 hours given the weather or personal fitness. a few smaller trails that drop down to the valley on your right. The hike up Mt Yamnuska starts in the trees 3 areas that can be a problem for some on the Yamnuska hike . Local campgrounds include signed junction that reads climbers to the left and hikers to the right. Mount Yamnuska Kananaskis, Alberta June 20, 2009. Follow the main trail slightly north west into the trees and begin your ascent. For 40 years, we have hosted clients from Canada and all over the world. You take highway 1 towards Banff and then take exit 114 towards Seebe. The trail to the right is unmaintained, unsigned and leads to the east ridge of Yamnuska. Locate the pace going up will likely be the classic one step sliding back for every three however they branch of this trail towards several climbing routes. It's been over ten years since I did the Yamnuska traverse, and Dinah had never done it.