var errorMessage=""; var errorMessage=""; When considering polycarbonate, consider that polycarbonate plastic … :  :  } We have several types of materials that are needed to build up an enclosure such as polycarbonate sheets, aluminum, glass, wood among others. var minValue=dojo.byId("heightRangeTextMin").value; dojo.byId("heightSliderInputValue").value=dojo.byId("heightRangeTextMin").value+","+dojo.byId("heightRangeTextMax").value; I’m talking about polycarbonate sheet and glas… 288, Width (mm) SearchBasedNavigationDisplayJS.appendSliderFacet("depth"); :  "catentry_id" : "3074457345616780559", However, ABS plastic has lower resistance to extreme conditions and industrial chemicals than polycarbonate. }], [{ Thicknesses can range from .060 - .236 thick (polycarbonate plastic enclosure … :  You can get a free quote today in just minutes by using our quote calculator or call us at 1-800-248-1233 to learn more about our complete polycarbonate and ABS enclosure solutions. 123, Depth (mm) :  117, Depth (mm) ABS enclosures … :  :  Suggested site content and search history menu. Manufacturer and Supplier of Enclosures like ABS Enclosures, Polycarbonate Enclosures, Aluminium Enclosures, Polyamide Cable Glands, Plastic Enclosures, PVC Enclosures, Junction Boxes by VSM … else if(parseInt(minValue) > parseInt(dojo.byId("heightRangeMax").value)){ errorMessage= "Please check maximum value for "+valueType+". Polycarbonate and ABS enclosure material is RAL 7035 light-gray inside and out. errorMessage="Please check minimum value for "+valueType+". :  Non-metallic enclosures have a lot to offer, whether you need enterprise-scale electronic enclosure solutions or just a project box. errorMessage="Please check minimum value for "+valueType+". var minValue=dojo.byId("depthRangeTextMin").value; :  121, Depth (mm) return false; alert(errorMessage); Type 12, Nema Type Rating "; errorMessage= "Please check maximum value for "+valueType+". :  "; var valueType="height"; Featuring metallic or nonmetallic latches and molded-in latch keepers and mounting bosses, a tongue and groove seal joint between cover and base, POLYLINE is the ultimate in polycarbonate enclosures. If your enclosure will be in a corrosive environment, choose polycarbonate … Take a look at our IP66 polycarbonate enclosures here. Plastic enclosures can be more cost-effective and lighter than metal. Type 4X, Nema Type Rating 113, Width (mm) }, function widthchangeMin(value){ var maxValue=dojo.byId("widthRangeTextMax").value; One of the biggest differences between acrylic and polycarbonate is the cost. 100, Depth (mm) 153, Width (mm) QLine D polycarbonate EMC enclosures have contoured bodies and flush cover screws for an attractive, contemporary appearance while also providing EMC protection in corrosive environments. } } alert(errorMessage); :  alert(errorMessage); var valueType="depth"; var valueType="depth"; function heightchangeMax(value){ 120, Width (mm) 223, Width (mm) 1598 Series. return false; :  function widthchangeMax(value){ The Terminal Enclosure from VSM Plast are junction box with side mounted integrated terminal block. Polycarbonate enclosures … alert(errorMessage); if (isNaN(minValue)){ 49, Depth (mm) The FIBOX thermoplastic enclosures are made of polycarbonate (PC) or acrylnitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) materials. var errorMessage=""; alert(errorMessage); Optional panels are plated steel. Although it’s heavier than polycarbonate, the material is still extremely lightweight, and durable enough for most indoor applications. Polycarbonate enclosure material is RAL 7035 light-gray inside and out. :  Finish Polycarbonate Enclosures vs. ABS Enclosures, weatherproof electronics enclosure solutions, The perfect combination of lightness and durability, A highly shock-resistant plastic that offers excellent impact protection for your devices, Excellent resistance to both hot and cold temperature swings, Natural UV filtering abilities can help protect sensitive internal components even in a transparent enclosure, Available in a wide variety of NEMA and IP ratings, Durable performance at an affordable price, Numerous NEMA and IP ratings available, as well as UL flame ratings. alert(errorMessage); Entered value is less than minimum value. :  Non-metallic, Width (mm) High profile swimming pool enclosure However, as I mentioned earlier I will majorly focus on the two main types of glazing materials. :  :  119, Height (mm) Optional panels are plated steel. Comparing ABS VS Polycarbonate Polycarbonate is the preferred material when manufacturers want to use a hardy, transparent plastic, that they can easily incorporate colors and patterns with. Polycase offers two main material types for non-metallic enclosures: polycarbonate and ABS. :  :  else if(parseInt(minValue) > parseInt(dojo.byId("widthRangeMax").value)){ :  else{ Optional panels are conductive steel. A clear polycarbonate … A well-made polycarbonate enclosure easily steps up to the challenges of withstanding wind, water, heat and more to protect the sensitive components within. 55, Depth (mm) errorMessage="Please enter number as minimum value for "+valueType+". Plastic Potting Boxes. dojo.byId("heightSearchInputValue").value=dojo.byId("heightRangeTextMin").value+","+dojo.byId("heightRangeTextMax").value; return false; } Hammond Manufacturing. Grey. return false; } :  Q41Y. "; :  else if(maxValue > parseInt(dojo.byId("heightRangeMax").value)){ Finish 85, Depth (mm) :  … This polymer … "; ABS/PC. Entered value is more than maximum value. errorMessage= "Please enter number as maximum value for "+valueType+". [{ SearchBasedNavigationDisplayJS.appendSliderFacet("depth"); 175, Width (mm) Entered value is more than maximum value. Our full product line includes an even more expansive range of weatherproof electronics enclosure solutions, including metal enclosures. :  600, Nema Type Rating Enclosure material is RAL 7035 light-gray outside. :  :  } 122, Width (mm) else{ } Polycarbonate is a heavy-duty thermoplastic commonly used for industrial and engineering applications where tough performance is a must. var errorMessage=""; var errorMessage=""; Type 4, Nema Type Rating 125, Height (mm) SearchBasedNavigationDisplayJS.appendSliderFacet("height"); 293, Height (mm) :  if (isNaN(maxValue)){ alert(errorMessage); Common polycabonate grades include ESD, UL94-HB, and UL94-V0. 400, Height (mm) 233, Height (mm) "; Polycarbonate enclosure material is RAL 7035 light-gray inside and out. "Attributes" : { } The ABS terminal enclosure is useful for wiring trunking applications and control connections. Dual-Access Oil-Resistant Enclosures Two separate chambers allow you to access … errorMessage="Please enter number as minimum value for "+valueType+". return false; Polycase is an industry-leading source of superior plastic enclosures. }]. else if(maxValue < parseInt(dojo.byId("widthRangeMin").value)){ if (isNaN(minValue)){ 400, Width (mm) Some housings use a combination of polycarbonate and ABS components to complete the plastic enclosure construction. alert(errorMessage); return false; alert(errorMessage); if (isNaN(maxValue)){ errorMessage="Please enter number as minimum value for "+valueType+". :  } "Attributes" : { } dojo.byId("depthSliderInputValue").value=dojo.byId("depthRangeTextMin").value+","+dojo.byId("depthRangeTextMax").value; SearchBasedNavigationDisplayJS.appendSliderFacet("width"); :  80, Height (mm) 250, Width (mm) 300, Height (mm) Entered value is more than maximum value. :  English | ... ABS Plastic Closed Slot All except RP1450, 1455, 1460, 1465, 1610, 1615, 1630, 1635 MF0300: … An enclosure refers to a structure that is built for the purpose of creating a barrier around a particular area. if (isNaN(minValue)){ errorMessage= "Please check maximum value for "+valueType+". 168, Height (mm) alert(errorMessage); 56, Depth (mm) :  :  ABS plastic and polycarbonate enclosures are lightweight and resist denting, chipping, and cracking. :  errorMessage= "Please check maximum value for "+valueType+". :  Enclosure material is RAL 7035 light gray outside. else if(parseInt(minValue) < parseInt(dojo.byId("heightRangeMin").value)){ ABS Plastic Body w/ Aluminum Cover Plate. :  "Attributes" : { } SearchBasedNavigationDisplayJS.appendSliderFacet("width"); Polycarbonate is sometimes called Lexan (trademarked name by GE Plastics) or Makrolon. 67, Depth (mm) $32.89. :  They do, however, typically cost more than ABS enclosures. } else{ }, function depthchangeMin(value){ } :  300, Width (mm) 86, Depth (mm) Please refine your selection. These models are just the beginning. var valueType="height"; "Attributes" : { } Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS, is another rugged thermoplastic material that offers great performance at a lower cost than polycarbonate. 188, Width (mm) Optional panels are conductive steel. Plastic Enclosure, Wall Mount, ABS, Polycarbonate, 310 mm, 215 mm, 160 mm, IP66. :  Polycarbonate enclosure … ABS and Its Advantages Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS, is another rugged thermoplastic material that offers great performance at a lower cost than polycarbonate. Choose from screw cover, hinge, internal mounting, variable depth and quick-release latch options to meet your design and security requirements. An enclosure that is not flush creates a situation where the seal loses its capability to be air and water tight. alert(errorMessage); } }], [{ BCL Enclosures manufactures ABS plastic multipurpose boxes and distribute a comprehensive range of electronic components and accessories. 99, Depth (mm) "; Designed for indoor use, ABS cases are molded from high-quality, flame-retardant plastic and available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit your ABS … Optional panels are plated steel. Pros for plastic enclosures: The term “plastic” is a blanket term that typically covers many different materials, including ABS, HIPS, PC, PVC and acrylics. Considerations: ABS-molded parts will show knit lines and can have sink and voids in thick areas. var errorMessage=""; "; Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermal plastic material whose high heat resistance and excellent physical properties make it an ideal material for enclosures. :  244, Height (mm) var valueType="width"; General Purpose ABS. This item has been successfully added to your list. Entered value is more than maximum value. return false; High impact-resistant polystyrene (PS) enclosures are available to order. Non-metallic electrical enclosures have proven themselves time and again in toughness, reliability and aesthetics. :  Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. But ASA has a great deal going for it… For start, ASA’s UV stability is a big plus – even though none of the new enclosures … 124, Width (mm) function depthchangeMax(value){ After all, ABS has for decades been the ‘go-to’ material for our plastic electronic enclosures – and it remains so for many tried and trusted models. 150, Depth (mm) "Attributes" : { } Industrial Enclosures: Polycarbonate and ABS Enclosures and Accessories - Sealcon, Hummel, Integra, Genesis, Impact, Premium We are open for business and working remotely to ensure the health and … "; Finish 160, Height (mm) 114, Height (mm) Polycarbonate Enclosures Vs. Fiberglass Enclosures. 84, Depth (mm) alert(errorMessage); :  180, Product Family Optional panels are unpainted plated steel. 73, Width (mm) :  Full details. :  :  }], [{ return false; For the current preview session, this page lists the search rules that have been triggered by your search. 75, Width (mm) Hammond ABS Plastic Miniature USB Enclosures … Networking and Data Center Infrastructure. else if(maxValue < parseInt(dojo.byId("depthRangeMin").value)){ } 53, Height (mm) var minValue=dojo.byId("widthRangeTextMin").value; errorMessage= "Please enter number as maximum value for "+valueType+". "; Custom plastic … :  80, Width (mm) dojo.byId("widthSliderInputValue").value=dojo.byId("widthRangeTextMin").value+","+dojo.byId("widthRangeTextMax").value;