Read on as we talk about the different benefits and uses of shea butter for the skin and face. She butter works well in lip balm, body butters… They also provide immediate relief for dry and irritated skin. The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter with shea butter, vitamin E, and beeswax is a nourishing lip balm that creates a gorgeous sheen on your lips. It has been used in Africa for many years to improve the strength and shine of skin and hair. Raw shea butter for skin lightening [3] is the best source when your objective is to whiten your skin. Raw shea butter is gentle enough to use daily and is perfect for many uses from facial creams and body lotions to lip balms and even shaving cream. ‘Cause it’s awesome. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Chapped lips are an everlasting issue. Special Honors. There are so many ways to use shea butter as a moisturizer; it is the perfect compliment to any skincare routine and can help keep your skin hydrated and happy. I always buy my shea butter from Mountain Rose Herbs.It is a great price and excellent quality. Your soft lips can be protected and nourished even more if you use the right product as this lip butter. Shea butter lip balms are great little gifts for lots of occasions: girls birthdays, Mother’s day, teacher appreciation, stocking stuffers, and more. If you suffer from dry hair, too—in which case, you may have dull or frizzy hair —you can also comb the shea butter through your hair and let it set in for up … Place shea butter in a lip balm container and use it as needed to keep lips moisturized. You can use shea butter throughout the year. When it soaks into your skin, it helps seal moisture in your lips, therefore leaving your lips moisturized. During winters, your skin tends to be dry and flakey. You can actually use shea butter instead of dairy butter or olive oil in recipes. 100% pure African Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii) Directions. In this modern times, Shea butter is usually used for both skins and hair, but I will be focusing only on the skin product parts, discussing its benefits, uses, types, the differences between types, demerits and merits of the types i.e. Take a pan and add 3 tbsp Shea butter, 3 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp beeswax, and 1 tbsp baking soda and heat the ingredients. Add in the olive oil or honey, optional mica powder, and essential oils. This supercharged natural ingredient can transform dry skin and frizzy hair to smooth and soft. It is a package full of many good qualities such as anti-inflammatory, wound healing and much more. Both shea butter and cocoa butter contain fatty acids, which allow your skin to retain moisture. Plain Ole Shea Goodness! If you make lip balm that will fill 2 or 3 lip balm containers, you can keep the containers you are not using in the fridge. Close the bag after use. Shea butter is the creamy extract from the shea nut of the shea tree, which grows in Africa. It will make your lips soft, smooth and moisturized. As an ingredient in our Whipped Shea Butter for Lips it helps protect delicate skin from damaging environmental effects, it locks in … Before cutting the top and squeezing shea butter from bottom to top, warm and massage the pouch in your hands until the hard butter softens. not all Shea butter products are the same. With that lower price point, shea butter started making itself into loads of my concoctions. Shea butter is known for its intensively nourishing properties. Apply shea butter on body, hair, face and lips as often as needed, or use to create a DIY recipe. It contains high natural levels of vitamin … Heals your lips 2. 4. 2. In its natural state, shea butter can create crystals in the pouch. Here, an aesthetician explains how to use it. 3. Using shea butter in your skincare routine will help with anti-aging as well as conditions such as eczema. You can use shea butter … This shea butter lip balm recipe is prepared to fill one lip balm container.