NOTES: This quest requires “The Flawless Flame” to be finished and turned in first. WoW #160 - Classic WoW Beta - Dwarf Hunter lvl 10-15 - Duration: 2:59:45. This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please be patient with me as I try to complete the guide asap. I thought doing that bull$%^& quest for the warriors lvl 30 axe that quest = gay, its too long for alliance people on a pvp server and by the time you get it you can use better stuff like the ravenger which actually has a good effect. Tips Out 222,244 views So I never really put much thought into the best in slot gear for lvl 30. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features WoW Classic: 12-20 Horde Leveling Guide Guides, Leveling WoW Classic: 30-40 Horde Leveling Guide Guides, Leveling We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. [20] Wulf Calls [20D] A Well-Earned Reward [20] Grimshot's Call [20D] A Marksman's Weapon These quests Classic WoW Leveling Guides If you have your route set out, but want more tips on playing your class from 1-60, check out our Classic WoW Leveling Guides. Most annoying part of quest … Some gear needs to be split into DPS and Survival. Typically I'm thinking of a 29 twink so this throws off the whole meta! 4) Grind on Crypt Fiend mobs all around Terrordale to collect 30 Crypt Fiend Parts. At Level 30, Warlocks can begin the quest chain to summon the caster-killer, the Felhunter. This Classic WoW Engineering Leveling Guide will show you the fastest and easiest way how to level your Engineering skill up from 1 to 300. Horde Warlocks will, once again, return to their respective class trainers, where they will obtain the “Seeking Strahad” quest. They are: Dwarves Night Elves Orcs Taurens Trolls It's … Pre-Raid gear allows you to have the list of the best items you can loot in dungeons in order to be ready to raid. This is due to Classic's wide array of available stats, making a handful of items with notable stats, like hit for melee or Shadow Power for Warlocks, in high demand even if their level is low. there are many, just check these pages for example DPS puts main focus obviously on Agility, while Survival focuses on Stamina and/or Item Armor Value. As said earlier, these tools are a must have if you want to DPS or tank as efficiently as possible. Welcome to MMORPGTIPS’ Classic WoW Leveling guide. Best Hunter Races in WoW Classic Two Alliance races and three Horde races can become a Hunter. If you like my videos give me like, subscribe or comment. The best hunter weap i had before this quest was the "raptor's end" with 12 dps, this quest reward gave me a almost 20 dps range weap ^^. Tanaris is way too high and so is … Welcome my friend to the WoW Classic leveling gap. So, phase 2 started and everyone not level 60 is now in big trouble. For Roogug I took a lvl 30 and lvl 28 warlock with me into instance and made it to and defeated roogug. Hunter 9 Hunter Class Quest Guide Most Popular Overall WoW Classic Leveling Guides Here at Wowhead, we strive to create guides for all useful content related to leveling. Lvl 10 mage for staff/OH, lvl 15 and 25(or 26 cant remember) awards you with robes. 5) Go through the long cave (entrance at 15.29). WoW Classic: 20-30 Alliance Leveling Guide Guides, Leveling WoW Classic: 40-50 Alliance Leveling Guide Guides, Leveling We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. WoW Classic Phase 6, Patch 1.13.6 Notes Naxxramas and Changes to the Scourge Event in WoW Classic Naxxramas Movie Teaser by IKedit Dreamstate Speed Clears Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Under 30 Minutes A Call to Strike on lvl 10 dwarf hunter questline after which you'll be able to tame your pet. I tried doing some quests yesterday on my 52 alliance hunter and could not even kill 1 mob before getting rapped by the ~30-40 level 60 hordes that were roaming through felwood. Filled with all the tips and tricks you need to level from 1 to 60 in vanilla WoW. I would not suggest doing anything else, as the monsters are usually 34-35+-Take every single quest you can possibly find! On this page, we cover the Paladin-specific quests in WoW Classic.There are only two major Paladin quests, along with your quest to get a mount at level 40. This will be used for a later quest. Be careful, there is a lvl 60 elite spider /target (with a 12 hour Hunter leveling guide 1-60 for Classic WoW Check out our hunter leveling guide 1-60 on Wow Classic / Vanilla to help you leveling faster. … Baron / Cstrike Gaming 3,602 views 2:59:45 A Guide for Hunter Pets - World of Warcraft Classic - Duration: 21:53. Save any Dark Iron Scraps you find, you will need 30 of them for a later quest, but you will also have another good chance to find a lot more later at lvl 53-54 in Burning Steppes section as well. You'll find the best spec, best gear, addons, to be the first hunter to reach lvl 60! WoW Classic Engineering Guide (1-300) Conclusion If you have followed our WoW Classic Guide to the end you can now benefit from all the tools that this amazing profession offers. Thanks to Classic WoW community and many contributors, you can check here the best gear for your Hunter during all the phases of WoW Classic. No matter if your choice is questing, grinding or running dungeons, we got you One year ago today, I met the love of my life in WoW Classic. As a lvl 33 hunter, you can solo that quest chain (even if the last part is for lvl 42+). Pour The hunter quest for taming a pet. You can begin this quest chain at level 20 by finding any Warlock trainer. These guides will explain the best talent builds and the best questing Hunter - Best Talents Builds / Spec for PvE & PvP The best talents spec and builds posted by the community for Hunter PvE & PvP in Classic WoW. I’m a level 21 Nightelf hunter, my friend who’s a rouge got a quest when he hit 20 from storm wind but I can’t seem to find where mines is, I’ve tried googling. I did this whole quest solo at lvl 26 except for roogug. These hunter quests are specific to hunters.These quests are available once the hunter reaches level 20. There are also items from all these sources which are powerful for their intended level ranges--however we're just highlighting the really distinctive items which have staying power at 60. Best weapon a hunter can get for a lvl 29 hunter twink. I still want to get my character to level 60 and don’t know how. I am a lvl 29 hunter. All Warlock Quests in WoW Classic: pet quests every 10 levels, mount quests at Level 40 and 60, and Sunken Temple quest. I hope you'll enjoy it. We've also spotlighted WoW Classic Best in Slot gear from a few other easy sources: Crafted Profession Recipes and Level 40-49 Dungeons and Quests. The main and most important Paladin class quest is to get Redemption, which is your resurrection ability., which is … And if you'd like to learn about other Best in Slot items, from sources other than crafting, check out our Best in Slot guides: So hunter get your high lvl friend and complete this quest line and also keep the chest reward. I drew this as Engineering is the best combined with Mining, if you level Engineering and Mining together you will save a lot of gold. Comprehensive guide to leveling a character in WoW Classic from 1-60, including class tips, dungeon grinding advice, quest routes, leveling zone order, and best addons. Guide Leveling (1-60) Alliance pour WoW Classic Voici le guide leveling (1-60) pour la Alliance avec les meilleurs spots de farm pour chaque tranche de level, ainsi que des astuces pour monter lvl 60 le plus rapidement possible. I did Ashenvale Hillsbrad and Thousand Needles but now I don't know where to go next. WoW Classic Phase 6, Patch 1.13.6 Notes Naxxramas and Changes to the Scourge Event in WoW Classic Naxxramas Movie Teaser by IKedit Dreamstate Speed Clears Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Under 30 Minutes A Call to Strike on lvl 40 and 50 also has quite important quests, item wise. Those 2 item are better then any lvl 20-29 blue item. Upon completion of the quest, the Hunter learns the ability Tame Beast, which they can then use to acquire their first pet. There are also far fewer choices of pets and pet abilities in WoW Classic, so the choice for a Twink Hunter is pretty straight forward. 2. Classic WoW Priest PvE Guide (Races, Talents, Consumables, Rotation) | Classic WoW Class Guides - Duration: 13:37. - At lvl 30, you can come and do the first Mastery quests at nessingvarys. Page is reserved, but still under construction.